Best Diet Foods for Long Term Weight Loss

Losing weight doesn’t have to mean deprivation. Yet, when you think diet, you most likely think HUNGER. We think the best way to make changes in your diet is for good, not short term. Most fad diets exist only in the short term and do not create sustainable changes that you can keep for the rest of your life. The only true way to lose weight and change your life is to commit to beneficial, healthy foods that make you feel good, energized, and fuel your workouts.

Here are some of our favorite foods for you to incorporate into your diets.


Swap plain romaine lettuce, which is mostly water, for this nutrient-dense food. It’s a dark, leafy green full of antioxidants that helps block toxins that dampen your libido. So let’s have arugula salads for dinner, honey!


This is known as a detox food. It has high levels of amino acids, which help flush excess fluid out. As a powerhouse of vitamins that speeds up your metabolism, it contains Vitamins A, C, E, K, B6, folate, iron, copper and even houses protein.


Try to add more broth into your diet by soaking veggies or making soups. You can start with beef, chicken, miso, vegetable, seafood or bone broth.


These colorful taproots help fight cancer with their amazing power of antioxidants. They also contain iron, fiber, folate, potassium. Think of beets as a nice way to increase your salads’ nutrient power.


Black coffee is best! It’s a great weight loss tool because it speeds metabolism and helps burn fat.


This is a great vegetable to fill you up with very few calories (20 per cup). You might even want to grow your own this spring.


As a great detox aid that’s full of vitamin C, lemons can be eaten or added to your water and homemade dressings.


Rich in potassium, pumpkins can help you curb your sweet tooth while adding a bunch of vitamins into your diet regularly.


Try trading out chips for celery when you’re dipping. Hummus and celery are a good combination, but none better than the traditional celery and peanut butter.

No matter which vegetables and fruits you choose – you’re sure to find your favorites that help boost your energy, metabolism and zest for life. Unlike other food categories, more is better when it comes to fruits and veggies, so don’t be afraid to pile on the good. Start with regular salads, add into omelets and dinners and before you know it, you’ll hit your recommended fruit and veggie dose daily. These lifestyle changes will produce long-lasting weight loss and results. Don’t forget to pair with exercise! We’ll see you at THE GYM!

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5 Tips to Make Going to The Gym More Fun

New year’s resolutions are great, but if you’re dreading getting your fitness intake, you might need to make your sweat routine more appealing. Going to the gym should feel like a time for release, rather than a “must do” item on your to do list – we know you have enough of those!
Here are our top 5 tips to make going to the gym fun:
1. Find A Workout That You Love To Do!
You’re never going to jump up in the air when you head to the gym if you’ve put on your agenda a workout that doesn’t inspire you mentally or physically. If you find a workout you love, you can actually ‘cheat’ the system because it feels like fun, not punishment! We suggest trying some of our group fitness classes, like yoga and pilates. You could even add 20 minutes of cardio before or after the class and make it a well rounded exercise.
2. Set Non-Physical Goals Too
You’re not always going to be motivated to get a six pack of abs. But if you are struggling with anxiety and/or depression, you might be more inclined to head to the gym. During these winter months, many of us deal with seasonal sadness. Just 20-60 minutes of exercise can boost endorphins, relieve stress, and have you hopping out of the gym with a smile on your face. We’ve found that regular exercisers sleep better, manage stress better, and generally enjoy their lives more. This makes your overall life much more fun.
3. Find A Workout Partner
It can be difficult to rely on yourself solely to make sure you’re hitting your daily dose of movement. Finding a workout partner can help you stay motivated to hit the gym- and life is better in pairs. Laugh when you can’t quite finish that ab set together. Grab a snack after and keep each other company during your journey to your best self yet.
4. Make A Date Of It
If you’ve grabbed a workout partner, involve exercise into your daily or weekly dates. Change the “Want to get food?” to “Let’s crush our workout then grab a beer!” Note, we said ‘a beer’, but smoothies are a nice treat too. You might even be able to enhance your relationship by working out together. Some studies show reaching goals together helps keep you close.
5. Find What Motivates You
For some people, purchasing new workout clothes helps motivate them to hit the gym, investing in your new healthy choices is a great way to signal to the brain you are serious about them. Plus, you know what they say, “Look good, feel good!”. Additionally, it might be beneficial to make a “get pumped” playlist to listen to before and at the gym.

We have a wide variety of trainers, group fitness classes and even accountability groups that we hope will help make your gym experience fun and rewarding. We’ll see you at The Gym! With affordable fitness classes taught by trained coaches and professionals, state of the art equipment, and clean facilities, we are dedicated to keeping the Eastern Shore healthy and in shape. The Gym Fitness Center is centrally located in Daphne, AL. Visit us anytime at 27955
Hwy 98, Suite X Daphne, AL 36526. We can be reached at 251- 375-1970. For more
information, visit our website
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If you’re following a tough training schedule to build lean muscle, you may experience muscle fatigue (or workout fatigue) as you churn out your last few reps. According to an article on, muscle fatigue is brought on by one of two factors, and sometimes they happen simultaneously: either a lack of nutrients being delivered to your muscles, or a buildup of metabolic waste in your muscles. Muscle fatigue has often been defined in the scientific community as a motor deficit—an exercise-induced reduction in the ability of muscle to produce force or power and whether or not the task (i.e. your bicep curl) can be sustained during contracting function. Here, we’ll tell you how to prevent it from happening and how to push past it.

1. MAKE SURE YOUR MUSCLES ARE FUELED PROPERLY. If your workout fatigue is occurring because your muscles don’t have enough nutrients, you need to make sure you focus on pre-workout nutrition so your muscles have a supply of nutrients to use during your strength workout. Have a combo of carbohydrates and amino acids (like 20 ounces of Gatorade with 5-10 grams of branched chain amino acid powder) to increase both blood flow to muscles and muscle growth, according to the article on That increase in blood flow will help prevent your muscles from tiring early during training.

2. CONSIDER TRYING PRE-WORKOUT SUPPLEMENTS. When you’re following an intense weight training routine, it causes a quick build-up of intra-muscular toxins with every muscle contraction. “This accumulation triggers a decrease in the pH level of the muscle tissue interfering with the muscle’s ability to release calcium,” according to an article on The article looked at two studies on high-intensity anaerobic exercise (strength training) and the effect that supplementing with Glycine-l-arginine-alpha-ketoisocaproic acid calcium before the workout had on the study subjects’ performance. Conclusions were made that, “fatigue toxins can be controlled and that strength and endurance can be immediately increased” by taking this supplement combination. Both studies mentioned in the article found that this particular supplement taken 30 to 45 minutes before a strength workout led to significantly increased levels of athletic performance in the subjects when compared to subjects who took a sugar pill. Research noted in the article written by Mike Russell, Ph.D., suggests that taking the amino acid derivative citrulline malate as a precursor to arginine can accelerate the clearance of metabolic waste, preventing your muscles from getting fatigued, and making them work harder and longer for you. This supplement may also decrease muscle soreness after your workout.

3. DON’T HIT THE IRON FOR HOURS ON END. Keep your weight training workouts to around 60 minutes to optimize your anabolic hormones, suggests Roussell in the article. If you’re struggling to make it through weight training sessions in the 1.5 to 2-hour mark, you could be hurting your body more than you’re helping it.

4. DIVERSIFY YOUR WORKOUT. Changing up the specific exercises you do to work a muscle group and varying the weights could help reduce muscle fatigue at the end of your reps. Researchers at the University of Northern Iowa found that even subtle variations in the exercise task can be associated with marked differences in the muscle’s time-to-task failure. Their study concluded that the intensity and type of load supported during a muscle contraction seems to involve differences in the balance of motor neurons in the brain and leads to corresponding changes in the time to task failure. So change up your boring bicep curl exercises with alternating hammer curls, concentration curls, barbell curls, and be sure to occasionally add in drop sets, as well as vary the length and intensity of your workouts. The Gym – Daphne’s Affordable Fitness Center With affordable fitness classes taught by educated and trained coaches and professionals, state of the art equipment, and clean facilities, we are dedicated to keeping the Eastern Shore healthy and in shape.


Most wonder when the best time is to do cardiovascular training. But is there really an exact time to put cardio into your workout that will benefit your body? Many researchers have looked at this in a number of ways, but there has been no significant proof of when the best time of day is to do your cardio work out. However, there are many factors to consider when deciding on when to do your cardiovascular training. By following a few simple steps, you can make your cardio workout most effective.

First off, most people would agree that the best time to do a cardio workout is the time when you feel most energetic throughout the day. This allows you to use all your energy, and to maximize the effectiveness of your workout. A lot of people say that they feel best doing their cardiovascular workouts in the mornings because this is the time they have the most energy. However, if you are not a morning person, this is probably not the best time for you. Remember, there is no specific time of day that is proven to help benefit your cardio workout. In the end, you have to choose what time works well for you.

To get the best results of cardio training, it is ideal to separate your cardio days from your weight training days. So, if you lift weights 3 times a week, try to do your cardio sessions on the days you are not weight training. This is especially important for men who are trying to gain mass. If you do your cardio workout before lifting weights this can deplete your glycogen stores, and defeat the purpose of your entire weight lifting session. Glycogen stores are your muscles main source of energy, and if you have very few of them you will not be able to push yourself through those last few reps that mean the most from your workout. For women and those who’s priorities are not to gain mass, it is alright to do a cardio workout before a low-intensity weight training session. If your ultimate goal is to try and get both your cardiovascular training and resistance workout done in one session, you are better off doing your cardio session after your weight training. The main reason for this is because weight lifting does not deplete your glycogen stores as much as it would during a session of cardio. Therefore, if you do your cardio session after your weight training, you will still have some left over glycogen stores to get in a decent cardio session.

If you want a more effective cardio session in the same day as weight training, it is best to wait a few hours before jumping right into it after lifting weights. The reason for this is that it is important to restore your glycogen stores to stop the breakdown of protein. But, if you are trying to get both weight lifting and cardio done in one day, it is best to do your cardio session last. People often ask if they should do their cardio training on an empty stomach. The answer to this is no. The reality of it is that if your body has no food in it, it has no easy source of energy. Therefore your body will start to look elsewhere for a source of energy. But where does it get the energy from? It will actually start to take energy from your muscles. So unless your goal is to lose muscle and become scrawny, I wouldn’t recommend doing cardio on an empty stomach. Although I would never recommend eating a meal before working out, I would try to plan a light snack about 30 minutes prior to your cardio training. This would be most beneficial to your entire work out. Cardio equipment choice is also something that is often questioned. However, the choice of the equipment you use simply does not matter. They are all effective for cardio training, so whether you use a treadmill, an elliptical trainer, or a bike, all will lead to an effective cardio workout.

Finally, taking these simple things into consideration should help you decide what the best time is for you to do cardio. Only you can decide when and where, however knowing these simple facts may make your decision a lot easier. In order to make a cardiovascular workout effective, you must be consistent in your routine. The benefits from cardio will only be revealed if you stick to a set schedule. Also, it is important to note that every single person has a certain time of day when they feel most energetic. Try to figure out when that time of day is for you and fit your cardio workout into that time slot. You will most likely be able to push yourself the most during this time, and have an overall better workout. In the end the only person who can decide when the best time for cardio is, is you. But, if you stick to these simple rules, your cardio workout should be most beneficial.

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