Join a gym that cares about you and keeps you motivated “I’m headed to ‘The Gym’” takes on a whole new meaning when you join us at The Gym Fitness Center. Memberships start at $39.99 and if you join before January 31st, we’ll waive the $40.00 dollar initiation fee!

Our 6,000-square foot facility is filled with latest in fitness technology and entertainment. We think whole body wellness is important so we offer a wide variety of classes, including pilates and yoga. We also hold workshops where we invite specialists from various industries to share informative, educational presentations and materials on a variety of topics, including nutrition and essential oils. Join our Lean Mean 2018 group “I frequently say that if you chiseled the fat away, there is still a sexy hot mama hidden in there!” Sheila Hale says. Hale is committed to finding her lean mean self in 2018, and with the support of this great community, she hopes you will too! Commit to yourself in 2018 with the Lean Mean group.

Try an exercise class you’ve never done before This is a great way to meet new people and give your body a workout in brand new ways – which will expand your comfort zone and help you get into tip top shape! “Sometimes it takes a little accountability to get up and go to the gym, which is why we offer group classes. Our fitness classes are a great way to get in shape under the guidance of a professional and offer a bit of fun and variety to your regular workout schedule. These classes are available to all members of The Gym,” owners of The Gym share. Commit to three times a week If you find time to binge watch Netflix, or scroll Facebook or Instagram, we bet you can find even 30 minutes three times a week just for you.

Commit to working out three times a week this new year and watch your attitude, health and overall well-being begin to improve. Prep healthy food for the week They say abs are made in the kitchen and we agree! Prepping healthy food for the week is a great way to ensure when things get busy, you still have the ability to fuel your body with what it needs. This can be as simple as pre-chopping vegetables, portioning out snacks or making dinner in a few large pans and freezing for the week. Are you ready to take the new year by the horns! Let’s do this, 2018! The Gym Fitness Center is stocked with the latest in fitness technology and entertainment in a clean 6,000 square foot facility.

Our goal is to establish a quality gym on the Eastern Shore, where everyone is greeted like they are part of The Gym family. Stop by to see what makes us different. We’re located at 27955 Hwy 98, Suite X in Daphne, AL 36526. Contact us at 251-375-1970 for more information.

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