5 Tips to Make Going to The Gym More Fun

New year’s resolutions are great, but if you’re dreading getting your fitness intake, you might need to make your sweat routine more appealing. Going to the gym should feel like a time for release, rather than a “must do” item on your to do list – we know you have enough of those!
Here are our top 5 tips to make going to the gym fun:
1. Find A Workout That You Love To Do!
You’re never going to jump up in the air when you head to the gym if you’ve put on your agenda a workout that doesn’t inspire you mentally or physically. If you find a workout you love, you can actually ‘cheat’ the system because it feels like fun, not punishment! We suggest trying some of our group fitness classes, like yoga and pilates. You could even add 20 minutes of cardio before or after the class and make it a well rounded exercise.
2. Set Non-Physical Goals Too
You’re not always going to be motivated to get a six pack of abs. But if you are struggling with anxiety and/or depression, you might be more inclined to head to the gym. During these winter months, many of us deal with seasonal sadness. Just 20-60 minutes of exercise can boost endorphins, relieve stress, and have you hopping out of the gym with a smile on your face. We’ve found that regular exercisers sleep better, manage stress better, and generally enjoy their lives more. This makes your overall life much more fun.
3. Find A Workout Partner
It can be difficult to rely on yourself solely to make sure you’re hitting your daily dose of movement. Finding a workout partner can help you stay motivated to hit the gym- and life is better in pairs. Laugh when you can’t quite finish that ab set together. Grab a snack after and keep each other company during your journey to your best self yet.
4. Make A Date Of It
If you’ve grabbed a workout partner, involve exercise into your daily or weekly dates. Change the “Want to get food?” to “Let’s crush our workout then grab a beer!” Note, we said ‘a beer’, but smoothies are a nice treat too. You might even be able to enhance your relationship by working out together. Some studies show reaching goals together helps keep you close.
5. Find What Motivates You
For some people, purchasing new workout clothes helps motivate them to hit the gym, investing in your new healthy choices is a great way to signal to the brain you are serious about them. Plus, you know what they say, “Look good, feel good!”. Additionally, it might be beneficial to make a “get pumped” playlist to listen to before and at the gym.

We have a wide variety of trainers, group fitness classes and even accountability groups that we hope will help make your gym experience fun and rewarding. We’ll see you at The Gym! With affordable fitness classes taught by trained coaches and professionals, state of the art equipment, and clean facilities, we are dedicated to keeping the Eastern Shore healthy and in shape. The Gym Fitness Center is centrally located in Daphne, AL. Visit us anytime at 27955
Hwy 98, Suite X Daphne, AL 36526. We can be reached at 251- 375-1970. For more
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