As we wrap up 2017, let’s take a moment and reflect on how we did. Did you save your traditional list of New Year’s Resolutions? Did you get things resolved? Most of us lost steam early on. That’s why we must make this year different. What is truly important to you to change in your life? Make a short list. Now think about why each of these things are so important. Who will these changes affect? Will the quality of your life be different if you make changes? Here are some tips to reach your goals for 2018. Make your resolutions obtainable and measurable. Write out your daily plan towards mastering the goals. Keep a log of your progress and review it weekly. Find an accountability buddy to keep you focused. Find a positive substitution for negative habits. Do something towards your goal for 21 days straight to change old habits. Award yourself for milestones towards the annual resolution. Now take a few minutes and write your list. Commit to it. Make your action plan. Put a monthly reminder on your phone to review your resolutions and your weekly progress report. If you get off-track, revise your action plan to set yourself up for success. Unobtainable action plans will only set you up for failure. Remember, to Fail to Plan it to Plan to Fail. Obtainable Goals+Action Step+Focus and Commitment=Success Happy Success in 2018 ~ Sheila Hale

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