The Benefits Of Squats

Did you know that doing squats benefits more than just your legs? Many people are concerned that squatting will only give them big legs, but this couldn’t be further from the truth! Doing proper squats provides a full body workout, not just thicker thighs and toned legs. Check out these 5 major benefits to adding squats to your workout routine.

Full Body Workout
Glutes are the biggest muscle in the body, so targeting them through squats is important. However, it’s a common misconception is that squats only build thigh and calf muscles. The truth is that the exercise is an excellent workout for your core as well. Developing proper squat techniques will require as much work from your core muscles as your lower body.

Squats Increase Mobility in Hip and Ankle Joints
Some believe that squats are bad for the knees or create tension in the lower back. Ensuring that you use proper techniques while working out is essential to avoiding injury or unnecessary strain. An important aspect to keep in mind while performing your squats is to keep your back straight and to keep your lower back from contracting. This movement will force the bulk of the motion to be performed by your hips and ankles. The more reps you do with this technique, the more flexibility and mobility you will feel in your hips and ankles.

Excellent Fat Burning Exercise

Squats are a demanding and extensive work out on the body and burn a higher amount of calories than most traditional workouts due to the full body nature of the workout. Additionally, for every kilo of muscle mass that you accrue through squats, you burn an extra 20-30 extra calories per day! This causes a stacking effect on a yearly basis which will see your average calories burned skyrocket.

Creates An Anabolic Environment
Performing squats causes your body to release human growth hormone and testosterone, two chemicals vital to muscle growth. Doing squats and releasing these chemicals regularly in your workout cycle will result in faster gains overall.

Toning Your Lower Half

There’s no need for a Brazilian butt lift when you do squats. If you are looking for the ideal workout to tone your bottom and legs then look no further. There is no more effective workout for toning your gluteus maximus before beach season than doing squats.

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